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Mingtejia Technology Group was established in May 2008, dedicated to providing integrated and comprehensive services for the global industrial chain. The group adheres to the core business philosophy of "customer-oriented and service-oriented". After more than ten years of rapid growth, it has now completed service centers covering five major regions of East China, South China, Central China, North China, and Southwest China, as well as service outlets in major cities across the country. At the same time, it has expanded overseas branches in emerging markets such as Southeast Asia, Europe, and the Americas to provide customers with global services.

The group has continuously attracted talents and gathered a group of outstanding talents to form a high-quality and professional service team. It has successively established the Group's Lean Management Business Unit, Intelligent Manufacturing Business Unit, Internet Business Unit, High end International Education Business Unit, and New Energy Business Unit, providing global customers with professional services such as production and manufacturing outsourcing, third-party maintenance/testing, packaging material production and manufacturing, and high-end international education Integrated services across the entire industry chain, including green, environmentally friendly, renewable, and recycling. As the leading enterprise with the most growth potential in the service industry, focusing on the "dual carbon" strategy of green and environmental protection, focusing on the upgrading of the global industrial chain, continuously providing innovative services for global customer segmentation fields, continuously improving core competitiveness, and becoming a brand enterprise with international influence, working together with global customers and partners to achieve stability and prosperity, and win-win future!

Mingtejia Technology Group is headquartered in Suzhou, China, with multiple production bases in Beijing, Fuzhou, Hefei, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Zhengzhou, Huizhou, Chongqing, Gu'an, Qingdao, Wuhan, Yantai, Chengdu, Mianyang, and subsidiaries spread throughout Southeast Asia, Europe, the Americas, and other regions.
Corporate Mission
Service achieves value and changes life with dedication
Enterprise Values
Quality, integrity, responsibility, innovation
Management Philosophy
Enhance quality with learning ability, strengthen management with execution ability, build a team with cohesion, and promote development with innovation ability
People oriented, technology based, integrity based, and striving for governance
Quality Policy
Quality first, customer first
Development History
People oriented, technology based, integrity based, and striving for governance

Long Range Stage (2023 present)

Fearless of wind and waves, courageously sailing towards the vast ocean

In 2023: Suzhou Intelligent Manufacturing Base completed and put into operation

Accelerate the upgrading of lean manufacturing in the group, while establishing a strategic development pattern of "one body, two wings, and three centers" for the group;

Integrated:Based on the development of modern service industry as the main body;

Two wings:Taking the Internet, international education, human resources, and green environmental protection industry cluster customer service as the east wing, and new energy, new materials, high-end equipment intelligent manufacturing, and electric vehicle industry cluster customer service as the west wing;

Three Centers:Finance Center, Operations Center, BU Business Center;

In 2023, the Group BU Business Center was established

Focusing on the global industrial layout, relying on the rich data and resources accumulated by Mingtejia, we aim to create a coordinated development and integration of upstream and downstream enterprises in the high-level resource allocation ecosystem;

Escort Phase (2018-2022)

Newly added business units to safeguard the great cause

In 2022, the Group Operations Center was established

By leveraging the group's remote centralized control intelligent operation management platform, the decentralized operation of various regions has been transformed into an intensive operation management model, improving the timeliness and effectiveness of services, marking the official entry of Mingtejia Technology Group into a new stage of digital management;

In 2021, the International Education Division of the Group was established

The launch of a one-stop service platform for "Golf+Fitness+TOEFL/IELTS" dual eugenics education, integrating into a global perspective, and opening up the exploration of internationalization and globalization of high-end education;

In 2020, the Group's New Energy Business Unit was established

Accelerate the upgrading of the group's "dual carbon" strategy around the service demand for the development of the new materials and energy industry;

In 2019, the Group's Internet Business Unit was established

The popularization of big data, blockchain, and artificial intelligence has entered the era of flexible employment, and the "Yijiaxin" shared economy intelligent comprehensive service platform has been launched;

In 2018, the Group's Intelligent Manufacturing Business Unit was established

In the same year, intelligent manufacturing factories such as Chengdu OLED New Material Processing Factory, Mianyang Green and Clean Factory, and Zhangjiagang High end Packaging Materials were successively completed, focusing on "Industry 4.0" to initiate strategic transformation;

Cruise Phase (2012-2017)

Various businesses have sprung up after the rain, and the business is steadily and continuously progressing

In 2017, the Group Finance Center was established

By unifying the financial processes, management systems, and data caliber of the group, the digital transformation of the group has been achieved, becoming the cornerstone of the rapid rise of Mingtejia Technology Group;

In 2016: Expanding overseas business

Emerging markets such as Southeast Asia and the Americas undertake cross-border order business, adopting a flexible, efficient, low-cost, and specialized operating model to expand Mingtejia's global services;

2012-2015: National Service Network Layout

Complete the service network covering five major service centers in North China, South China, Central China, East China, and Southwest China, as well as major cities throughout the country;

Departure phase (2008-2011)

Start preparing to develop a development strategy for a great cause

In 2011: Production and manufacturing outsourcing services

Creatively breaking down traditional industry boundaries, highlighting low-cost and high-efficiency management advantages, forming cross industry alliances, and increasing long-term strategic partnerships;

In 2010: Maintenance services in the microelectronics industry

The service concept of standardization+specialization+process+standardization+sustainability, providing services that exceed customer expectations, and implementing the Mingtejia digital service system to reshape new competitive advantages;

In 2009: Third party testing services

Our professional technical team works together to quickly respond and reduce customer costs, while ensuring timely delivery of orders and establishing a good reputation and reputation;

In 2008: Suzhou company established

Qinghua's green, environmentally friendly and renewable resource recycling business helps with "low-carbon and environmental protection";

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