Group recruitment

A dedicated recruitment team of 80 members from the group, shared within the group through all recruitment channels in various regions! Relying on the nationwide distribution of branches, we coordinate the rapid response and cooperation of resources in the nearby regions. Each region and project has reserved manpower for emergency case opening needs. After strict job training and assessment, professional personnel can be selected to allocate manpower in the shortest possible time! Reflect the company's business philosophy of "speed" and "service".

Multi channel recruitment system

A、School enterprise cooperation:

We have deep cooperation with universities and vocational schools in major human resources provinces such as Henan, Sichuan, and Guizhou, and have targeted training programs (scholarship programs, teaching internship bases). Currently, we have nearly 3 years of successful experience. Collaborating with enterprises to establish the "Mingtejia College" and "Mingtejia Cadre Training Class", we provide targeted training for over 3000 interns annually.

B、Social recruitment:

1. Each region can recruit on their own and allocate manpower to ensure the manpower needs of each region.

2. Long term and in-depth strategic cooperation with partners with strong recruitment capabilities in various regions, ensuring the achievement of urgent manpower needs for clients.

3.Collaborating with fixed intermediary companies in southern coastal cities such as Shenzhen and Dongguan, we aim to attract a large number of skilled workers by attracting them to return home for employment.

C、Internal recommendations:

1.A long-term effective internal recommendation system that incentivizes internal employees to recommend family and friends to our company for employment through corresponding reward measures. Rich internal referral bonus!

2.Resignated employees return to the nest with their seniority retained and their benefits unchanged, prompting them to return to the company for employment.

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