• Group Business Department
  • Personnel and administrative management
  • Operation Department
Business Department Manager (1 person)
Job responsibilities:
1、Under the guidance of the General Manager, responsible for formulating, organizing, implementing, and completing the company's annual business goals;
2、Responsible for customer development and relationship maintenance, establishing good business relationships with target customers, exploring customer needs, and efficiently and flexibly completing sales tasks;
3、Participate in market research, competitor research, marketing planning, etc., and regularly or irregularly provide relevant market information and constructive opinions on market development for marketing decisions, and provide timely feedback on market development and marketing progress;
4、Arrange personnel to provide customer consultation and related services, and promptly handle customer complaints and other matters;
5、Development and tracking of new clients and projects;
6、Coordination and tracking during project implementation;
7、Responsible for establishing customer information archives and managing work, and conducting scientific customer relationship management to provide high-quality services to customers in a timely and effective manner to ensure customer satisfaction.
8、Tasks assigned by superiors.
Job requirements:
1、Bachelor's degree or above, aged 25-40 years old;
2、At least 5 years of experience in market development and customer maintenance in the electronics industry;
3、Strong organizational, planning, control, coordination skills, interpersonal skills, and negotiation skills, able to lead teams in efficient market expansion work;
4、Proficient in operating office software and strong ability to organize text;
5、Able to accept frequent business trips or short-term relocation;
6、Familiar with the LCD electronic module industry, with strong resistance to pressure and execution ability;
Human Resources and Administration Manager (1 person)
Job responsibilities:
1、Assist the decision-making level of the group in formulating the group's strategic development goals, and supervise and require the execution and implementation of local branches; 2、According to the group's strategic goals, improve the human resources recruitment and management system, organize the formulation of various standards and systems for salary and benefits, performance evaluation, recruitment, training, employee relations, corporate culture, and administrative logistics management in various regions, and optimize management processes; 3、Coordinate the establishment of an effective organizational structure and formulate the functions of each branch and position; 4、Organize the construction of corporate culture, establish smooth communication channels for employees, and do a good job in employee relations; 5、Establish and optimize the performance evaluation system of the group, organize the implementation, and supervise and control the performance evaluation process of each subsidiary; Responsible for managing the group's salary and benefits, and establishing a competitive salary system; 6、Establish and optimize the group training system, responsible for pre employment and on-the-job training for all members of the group; 7、Responsible for the normal operation of the internal management system of the group and ensuring office administrative efficiency; Lead the administrative affairs of the group and ensure logistical support. 8、Control and optimize various cost expenditures, review and count various cost expenditures;
Job requirements:
1、Bachelor's degree or above in human resources, enterprise management, or related fields; 2、More than 5 years of personnel and administrative work experience, and more than 2 years of management experience in the same position; 3、Familiar with and familiar with modern enterprise management models, with experience in personnel and administrative management with over 1000 employees in the manufacturing industry; 4、Having a certain level of environmental and interpersonal sensitivity, as well as the ability to manage change; 5、Familiar with various national laws, regulations, policies, salary systems, insurance and welfare benefits, etc; 6、Having practical experience in various modules of human resource planning, recruitment, training, compensation, performance, employee relations, as well as administrative modules such as employee dormitories and dining; 7、Has problem-solving skills, strong planning and execution abilities; 8、Has strong logical thinking ability, goal management ability, leadership influence, organizational and coordination ability, interpersonal communication and expression skills, and ability to respond to emergencies.
Regional Operations Managers (4)
Job responsibilities:
1、Organize and coordinate project management work, develop project management plans, effectively control the scope of requirements, quality, time and cost, and manage regional employee safety; 2、Maintain good communication with customers, promptly handle customer complaints, and ensure timely and high-quality completion of projects; 3、Timely handle the achievement of KPI indicators and abnormal situations in production line management within the region; 4、Control various cost expenditures and reduce cost expenditures; 5、Improve the company's profitability, arrange manpower reasonably, and monitor the achievement rate of production capacity by personnel; 6、Complete various tasks assigned by superiors.
Job requirements:
1、College degree or above; 2、At least 3 years of management experience in large optoelectronic enterprises, familiar with the process control (assessment and inspection) of each module section; 3、Strong abilities in production management, process optimization, overall organization, cost control, quality management, and communication and coordination, as well as strong production organization skills; 4、Hardworking and hardworking, able to cooperate with the company's work needs, with good execution ability and proactive approach to work.

Southwest District (Chongqing) Operations Director (1 person)
Job responsibilities:
1、Daily KPI achievement and abnormal feedback and handling of company business (including sorting, recycling and other related businesses); 2、Check the formulation and execution of production related standards, and improve the relevant standardization system; 3、Coordinate communication and assistance between various departments to achieve the overall goals and interests of the company; 4、Develop and deploy a performance management system, and strictly implement evaluation standards; 5、Outstanding cost control awareness and implementation of detailed management; 6、Communicate with customers and coordinate on complaint matters; 7、New business expansion and development;
8、Complete other assigned tasks on time, in quantity, and with quality.
Job requirements:
1、Bachelor's degree or above, with at least 5 years of work and management experience in related industries; 2、More than 5 years of management experience in large-scale optoelectronic enterprises (priority given to module production management experience in the optoelectronic industry), familiar with the process control of NB and TPC module sections; 3、Strong abilities in production management, process optimization, overall organization, cost control, quality management, and communication and coordination, as well as strong production organization skills; 4、Hardworking and hardworking, able to cooperate with the company's work needs, with good execution ability and proactive approach to work.
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