Mingtejia Technology Group's housewarming celebration

2023-10-08 18:18
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Mingtejia Technology Group was established in 2008 and has gone through 15 years of ups and downs. This housewarming celebration is a very memorable and milestone event in the company's development process, marking our entry into a new stage of development.

A new venue means a new starting point; A new starting point means a new journey. I believe that in the new environment, with the efforts of all colleagues, we will move forward all the way!

ribbon-cutting ceremony

Revitalize and set sail, looking forward to the future. Consolidate and create brilliance together. In this auspicious and festive day, we gather at our company's housewarming ceremony to witness this glorious and important moment belonging to our Mingtejia Technology Group, and share this joy.

Jin Jian Qi Kai, Qi Kai Sheng, grand exhibition, leaders take a group photo as a souvenir.

Celebration Fragments

Today's event ceremony is about to come to an end. The current efforts are the foreshadowing of a better future. We firmly believe that time does not disappoint those who have a heart, and let us carry our initial dreams and embark on a new journey.

Celebration Video Collection

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